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- October 12, 2020 - KAFMO Cup Golf Tournament at Foxchase Golf Club
- February 19, 2020 - 25th Annual KAFMO/PRPS Athletic Field Conference

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PA Turf News
KAFMO's magazine, Between the Lines, is now part of Pennsylvania Turfgrass, an excellent industry publication produced by the Pennsylvania Turfgrass Council in cooperation with Penn State.  KAFMO members receive a hard copy mailed to them.   Advertising in Pennsylvania Turfgrass is available by contacting the publisher, Leading Edge, at 615-790-3718.

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Winter 2020      Spring 2020

 Winter 2019      Spring 2019       Summer 2019      Fall 2019

  Winter 201       Spring 2018      Summer 2018     Fall 2018

  Winter 2017     Spring 2017     Summer 2017     Fall 2017

  Winter 2016     Spring 2016       Summer 2016     Fall 2016

  Winter 2015     Spring 2015     Summer 2015        Fall 2015

  Spring 2014    Summer 2014           Fall 2014  

Past issues of KAFMO's magazine, Between the Lines, are available here:
Click on an issue for a pdf.

  Spring 2012             Summer 2012            Winter 12/13


  Spring 2011             Summer 2011            Winter 11/12

Spring 2010             Summer 2010            Winter 10/11


 Winter 09/10            Summer 2009             Spring 2009


  Spring 2008              Summer 2008                Fall 2008

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